Polish-German weekend

Finalists in kata competition

Lubski Karate Sports Club OYAMA organized ”Polish–German Weekend with Oyama Karate” for both children and parents. Polish-German Karate Championships in Kata and Kobudo were organized within the frameworks of the event. Competitiors were the representatives of: Shotokan and Oyama, Cottbus (Germany) as well as participants from six Polish centers of OYAMA karate. Board of referees, led by Sensei Christin Herold from Germany, deftly fulfilled their duties. In the official part of the competition, Sensei Zbigniew Tomiałowicz due to the 20th anniversary and Sensei Marek Błaszków due to the 30th anniversary of practising martial arts, received impressive gifts and tablets with the wishes from Shihan Jan Dyduch.

Sensei Marek Błaszków's celebrating the 30th anniversary of practising martial arts.

The next point of the meeting was an interesting presentation prepared by the Oyama karate show group from Lubsko, on the occasion of the town festival in Cottbus. Show met with enthusiasm of numerously gathered audience. Great parts of the performance and an interview with Sensei Andrzej Tomiałowicz (the author of the event) were shown on German TV. Day after, a bivouac was organized for the parents of karate fighters from Poland and Germany i.a. adults had a chance to compete in different funny games.

Congratulations on organizing such a great event, OSU !