/As of 16.03.2021/

 Sensei Łukasz Kwapień. Foto Radosław Dyduch

We would like to present, OYAMA Polish Karate Federation calendar for 2021.
 We sincerely thank all organizers, OSU!

III/IV 2021  Spring exam session in clubs.
15.05.21 Lubusz Land and Lower Silesia Championship in OYAMA Karate (Kata and Kumite)
V/VI 2021 Lodzkie Voivodeship Championship in OYAMA Karate, Łodz
V/VI 2021 Wielkopolska Championship in OYAMA Karate, Kolo
V/VI 2021 Open Lublin Province Championship in OYAMA Karate, Lublin
V/VI 2021 Championship of Silesia and Lesser Poland, (Kumite), Herby
29.05.21 Polish OYAMA Karate Championship in Kata, Wolbrom
12-13.06.21 Polish OYAMA Karate Championship in Kumite, Rzeszow.
VI-VIII 2021 Summer exam session in clubs.
VI-VIII 2021 Club OYAMA Karate Summer camps.
IX-X 2021 Action of subscribing to OYAMA PFK clubs.
Ip. IX 2021 Seminar for candidates for black belt test.
09-10.10.21 19th Schooling -Qualifying Seminar on occasion of 30 years of Oyama Karate in Poland, Kraków
09-10.10.21 Reporting and Election Congress of OYAMA PFK, Kraków
23.10.21 Cup of Silesia and Lesser Poland, in Oyama Karate (Kumite), Czestochowa.
X/XI 2021 Macroregional OYAMA Karate tournaments in Kumite and Kata.
XI/XII 2021 OYAMA TOP (Kumite), Andrychow
XI/XII 2021 Winter exam session in clubs.
XI/XII 2021 Club and local  karate tournaments in Kata and Kumite.

The organizers of the above-mentioned events reserve the right to make organizational and program changes as a result of possible orders of central or local authorities, resulting, for example, from the COVID-19 epidemic.