Polish Semi-Knockdown Championships

The best fighters of the Championships: Lidia Fidura and Dariusz Bartula
(photo: Tadeusz Kuś)

Oświęcim hosted the 11th Polish Junior and Senior Championships of Polish Karate Federation in semi-knockdown. The tournament took place under the patronage of Mr Józef Kała- the prefect of a district, Mr Janusz Marszałek- the mayor of the city of Oświęcim and Shihan Jan Dyduch, the president of OYAMA Polish Karate Federation. Championships were organized by Oświęcimski Oyama Karate Club with its leader Sensei Mariusz Pawlus 3rd dan and Sensei Tadeusz Bednarczyk 3rd dan. 

194 male and female fighters, from 41 clubs took part in the Championships. All of them are associated in 6 all-Poland karate federations: Oyama, Kyokushin-Tezuka, Kyokushin-Matsushima, Kyokushin-IFK, Shinkyokushin i Kyokushin-Matsui). 

During the official part of the competition, Shihan Jan Dyduch 7th dan honoured organizers of the champioships with special plates. Sensei Witold Choiński 4th dan (Białystok) was given a congratulation letter due to his 30th anniversary of practising karate. Sensei Grzegorz Sakowicz 3rd dan (Warszawa) received an award for popularization of Oyama karate across the country and abroad. The Director of OYAMA IKF handed also certificates and black belts to the participants of the November black belt examination. The exam took place in Poland and it was conducted by Great Master Shigeru Oyama 10th dan.  

Sensei Paweł Pajdak 4th dan (Sosnowiec) was the head referee of the Championships. 

The duties of the mat referees were fulfilled by Sensei: Witold Choiński 4th dan (Białystok), Rafał Majda 4th dan (Jelenia Góra), Bogusław Plewka 3rd dan (Lubliniec), Tadeusz Bednarczyk 3rd dan (Oświęcim), Robert Bretner 3rd dan (Kraków), Andrzej Tomiałowicz 3rd dan (Lubsko). Sensei Anna Kołodziej Plewka 2nd dan (Lubliniec) took responsibility for the computer service of the championships. 

Qualifying fights were placed on three mats. Male and female junior fighters were divided into two age groups (14 to 16-year-olds and 16 to 18-year-olds). They fought with a full set of protectors. Due to the competition regulations, all medalists of Polish Knockdown Karate Cup and Polish Knockdown Karate Championships were not allowed to take part in the tournament.

The Championships were at very good sports and organizational level.

National anthem and parade-marches were played by the Brzeszcze Coal Mine Orchestra. Impressive cups and medals were produced by the company Sutemi, Wadowice. 

New Polish Champions in Semi-Knockdown Karate 

under 55kg female junior cat. - Katarzyna Pabis (Sosnowiec/Chrzanów) 

over 55kg female junior cat. - Alicja Kozłowska (Turek) 

under 55kg male junior cat. - Paweł Wasiak (Turek) 

under 60kg male junior cat. - Dawid Gerstel (Lubsko) 

under 65kg male junior cat. - Simon Kluck (Katowice Goliat) 

under 70kg male junior cat. - Wojciech Bychawski (Lublin) 

under 75kg male junior cat. - Krzysztof Pietrzyk (Kozienice) 

over 75kg male junior cat. -Adam Adamczyk (Gdańsk) 

under 60kg female older junior cat. - Katarzyna Koptyra (Sosnowiec/Chrzanów) 

over 60kg female older junior cat. - Lidia Fidura (Katowice WR1)

under 60kg male older junior cat. - Tomasz Wolnicki (Sosnowiec) 

under 65kg male older junior cat. - Jakub Staniszczak (Głuszyca) 

under 70kg male older junior cat. - Michał Foryś (Głuszyca) 

under 75kg male older junior cat. - Marcin Żółtański (Kielce) 

under 80kg male older junior cat. -Marek Kalenkiewicz (Lubliniec)  

under 55kg female senior cat. - Magdalena Wis (Kraków ) 

under 60kg female senior cat. - Klaudia Czaja (Kraków) 

over 60kg female senior cat.   - Izabela Potomska (Darłowo) 

under 65kg male senior cat.   - Marek Szukalski ( Katowice Goliat) 

under 70kg male senior cat.    - Dariusz Bartula (Oświęcim) 

under 75kg male senior cat.    - Tomasz Gromadzki (Katowice Goliat) 

under 80kg male senior cat.    - Rafał Swoboda ( Katowice WR1) 

under 90kg male senior cat.    - Krzysztof Olczyk (Lubliniec) 

over 90kg male senior cat.      - Mateusz Klocek (Kraków) 

Sincere congratulations,

OSU ! 

Shihan Jan Dyduch